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  Welcome to the course!

Hi Everyone!

I'm Shiho, and I'm your instructor for this course.

I'm so happy you're interested in learning some of the beautiful wrapping ideas for your upcoming gift-giving occasions!

There are so many events and occasions we give gifts to our friends and family throughout the year. What makes those gift-giving moments more special is, I believe, hand-making your gift wrapping.

It's such a rewarding process to think about the people you're giving the gift to, selecting papers and ribbons, designing and creating packages as you think about the happy moments you've been spending with them.

For sure, taking the time to wrap your gifts with love is more rewarding to the givers than the receivers.

To make your special events even more memorable, I've put some of my fun and unique ideas together in this course, so you can deliver your love messages to someone special in your life without actually saying the words.

And don't worry...if you're wondering whether you could follow the tutorials or not. Unlike my other social media videos, the tutorials for this course is to teach you step-by-step and all the details along the process.

You can learn what types of materials and tools necessary for each craft, how to measure your paper, how to wrap your box beautifully in addition to all the creative tricks and techniques to make unique and memorable gift wrapping.

Join me today, and let's spread the love by giving the gifts, wrapped with love💕


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